Test task – black holes game on Vue.js

Task: Implement similar to black holes game app without mark hole logic


Start Game status: {{ gameStatus }} Closed cells: {{ calcClosedCellsCounts }}
{{ cellText(rowIndex, cellIndex) }}


Tile with '?' might have a black hole '⬤' behind it. The idea is to clear all the tiles that don't have black holes behind them.

Click over '?' to open tile.

If tile has no holes around it will be opened and all around it will be opened too

Number will indicates how many holes located around tile with number

Game over if you open all tiles without holes - You win!

Game over if you open tile with hole '⬤' - Fail!

***Note***: This version has no mark holes logic due to be as a test task. So left tiles with holes closed.

Design for this game was made by QubeDron. Many thanks.


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