Prepare infrastructure, CI/CD, Support of WP site on AWS

Project duration: 4 years.


1. Prepare BeansTalk infrastructure for WP site (EC2, ALB, ASG, EFS, RDS) - dev, test, prod;
2. Prepare infrastructure for Jenkins CI/CD server (EC2);
3. Configure Jenkins pipelines to build, deploy WP site to dev, test, prod environments;
4. Configure Services instances to process data (EC2, node.js, RDS);
5. Configure Jenkins pipelines to build, deploy Service app site to test, prod environments;
6. Configure Jenkins jobs to health check of working apps and instances.
7. Support team.


AWS console, AWS Beanstalk, EC2, EFS, RDS mySQL, CloudWatch, Jenkns CI/CD, PHP, WordPress, bash scripting, SSH.


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