Output HTML page into the image

Task: display html page by link to some pngimage.


One of ways is use google-crome browser:

google-chrome --headless --screenshot --window-size=240,176 --default-background-color=0 https://scalan.com/...

Result filename: screenshot.png

Explanation of the command:

  • run Chrome browser from the command line
  • --headless runs browser without opening it and closes it after the command completes
  • --screenshot will capture a screenshot (result file called screenshot.png in the folder where the command is run or use --screenshot='absolute\path\of\screenData.png'- works for me)
  • --window-size set result image size (format is --window-size=width,height)
  • --default-background-color=0 for Chrome to use a transparent background, not the default white color

My real usage:

I use this way to display information on my Raspberry Pi device with e-ink display.

My bash script:
- prepare image from my page;
- display image by python script.

Call this script periodically (every minute) from cron job.

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